For Over Sea Player

Hard core soldiers wanted

"HEART ROCK" is a kind of a survival game, but it is not usual one.
The battle between modern U.S. Forces and anti-government guerrilla
will be held in the vast field.
You will experience a real battle as one soldier.

Event details

A military camp is held in the camp area, you can see many military vehicles and much modern soldier's equipment. Furthermore, military shops are opened; you can enjoy shopping and meals!!!
You can friendship with many military enthusiasts.


This event is held for two days. Night operation will be done at the 1st night, and the Massive operation is held on the 2nd day.

Held even if it rains (change timetable), but typhoon or natural disasters will cancel.

Compliance program

1.        Must not wear military equipment outside camp area.

2.        Muzzle velocity should be 0.98 or less. Guns are checked before the operations. Illegal rebuild guns cannot be used.

3.        Use only full bio-dissolution BB bullets. The BB bullet is given. Your full bio-dissolution bullet cannot be used.


The battlefield is in high ground (850m above sea level); the muzzle velocity of your gun will increase about 10 m/s than usual. Please give margins to your muzzle velocity.

Situation of HEART ROCK 7th

A story is the battle between the modern United States-British Allied Forces and the terrorists of the AHOGUN country. Of course,
you can also enjoy a military camp and a free market in the camp area in the fine climate for 2 days. Various military vehicles are also great welcomes. As for this game, all participants enjoy the atmosphere.
It is not an ordinary survival game. The modern U.S. Forces enthusiasts and the Middle East armed group manias should come to the event!!!

Don乫t miss the huge explosion!!!

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